A genuine, valuable and progressive business opportunity exists for you and your company to consider the commencement or expansion of your local and/or international market reach through the inclusion of our non-chemical, eco-safe, non-corrosive, non-staining and odour free RemUVe® Germicidal Ultra Violet Light (GUVL) mattress-sanitising services – and, bed bug maintenance programs.  Feel free to ask for more information: info@cleantechuv.com

We are seeking environmentally active, national and global distributors for our Government substantiated range of RemUVe® GUVL sanitising machines – and, those seeking to provide Bed Bug maintenance service and programmes. We would value the opportunity to discuss our mutual business potential at your earliest convenience. Be quick as areas of availability may be limited!

All our service and maintenance programs include detailed individual product brochures, technical information (including SDS/Certified testing etc), website access and detailed on-going training for sales and staff, with potential to negotiate existing warm / hot leads and also potential to obtain current client servicing contracts.

RemUVe’s GUVL safe technology delivers broad protection through a non-chemical, non-liquid, genuine sanitising protection service. Firstly – our environmentally safe technology has a dual action – the mattress is first thoroughly vacuumed by a specifically designed high powered commercial grade vacuum featuring advanced powerful suction technology proven to be effective 
in controlling Bed Bugs, Dust Mites, harmful insects and dangerous pathogens hidden in, and on, mattresses. The clean mattress is then thoroughly sanitised by our GUVL RemUVe® sanitising machine – ready to sleep on immediately after the service – no waiting time what so ever!

RemUVe’s GUVL sanitising technology first delivers an immediate reduction in resident micro-organisms on the treated surface – supported by the complete removal of dead skin, hair, dust and other potentially harmful micro-organisms. This action and thorough sanitising service also assists in the safe elimination of known triggers for Asthma and Allergies.

Our safe GUVL technology boasts not only relevant national and international certifications for the safe use in domestic, commercial and industrial applications – but, RemUVe® is the currently the ONLY GUVL sanitsation machine that has been ‘tested and substantiated’ by a NATA accredited testing facility (Steve Jenkins & Associates) as a ‘GENUINE’ sanitsation machine.

1.     http://www.nata.com.au/nata/

2.     http://www.stevejenkins.com.au/

Without doubt, the RemUVe® mattress-sanitising machine is currently the most environmentally friendly, safe, high performance GUVL currently available in the world.

Contact us today if you’d like to find out more: info@cleantechuv.com