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Lee Kelman

A totally unavoidable situation

As professional bed bug experts, this is something that we see on a regular basis. This situation can be very easily avoided at such a low cost.It’s very clear that the property has absolutely no bed bug policy and procedure in place. If this was in America, the property would be facing a very hefty lawsuit from the guests. The whole incident could have been completely avoided if they had a bed bug policy and procedure in place with a professional bed bug company. For the guests to find bed bugs in more than one bed and also to find multiple bed bugs shows that no inspection process is being undertaken and the housekeepers have not been trained.

The front office staff should also be trained in how to deal with bed bugs as they questioned the guests integrity by stating that they may not have been bed bugs. For the manager to totally discard the guests needs shows they have shown no duty of care and would be open to being sued. This is a perfect example of how bed bugs can have a negative effect, both for the guests and the property.A good hotel bed bug policy and procedure would have dealt with the incident in a timely manner as the manager would have simply called their preferred pest control company whom would have attended the property and dealt with the guests in a professional and helpful manner …. turning the negative situation in to a positive experience for the guests.If properties do not have bed bug policies and procedures in place they are leaving themselves open to scrutiny and negative online feedback and possibly being shown on television. 

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