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Lee Kelman

There are a number of reasons why considering non-chemical pest control means is important. When providing in-house pest control to the accommodation industry it is worthwhile to understand that the rooms DO NOT require to be sprayed with chemicals on a 6 monthly/12 monthly basis. More than 99% of your rooms would not ever have a pest problem, so why continue to spray chemicals in to the room on a regular basis? The answer is because you think it’s the standard way to do things. If the property continues to carry out regular ‘Common Area’ pest control measures, you do not need to keep spraying rooms. There are better options available to the accommodation industry that will reduce your chemical footprint. It’s important to consider your CHEMICAL FOOTPRINT and not just your carbon footprint. When insect monitors are used effectively, they will alert you to any potential pest problems. Once identified you are able to use chemicals to eradicate the problem (in the one room). Consumers and big business are becoming far more efficient in their pursuit of a reduced chemical footprint. This helps hyper sensitive guests and reduces the exposure to the chemicals, a win win for all involved. Ask about our specialised insect monitor program.

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