Bed Sanitisation


Post by
Lee Kelman

When staying in a hotel, one question that is never asked of the Hotel is - has my bed been sanitised? The reason you don’t ask is because you assume that the bed has been sanitised. The hotel do not sanitise their beds - because the guests don’t ask.

So what is in the mattress? When you consider that the average hotel will keep their bed for 10 years, this will enable you to work out exactly what’s in it for you! The body is permanently shedding dead skin (that’s everyone) and we lose a staggering 10 ounces of fluid each night.

Ok, so let’s look at what that means. You will shed, dead skin, dried sweat, urine, faeces, saliva and other bodily fluids whilst sleeping in a bed. When you consider that each guest before you has left their deposit of biological matter it should come as no surprise that this accumulation builds up in the mattress (and under the bed) This isn’t a scare tactic, this is basic biology. So next time you book a hotel room you should maybe ask - What’s in it for me?

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