Dyson Sets The Mattress Sanitising Industry Straight

With the exception of CleantechUV International, all other companies have always claimed to be able to kill dust mites with the use of their germicidal UVC lights attached to their vacuum systems.


As specialists in the field of Germicidal UVC and Micro-organisms, CleantechUV will go further than the Dyson statement and suggest that germicidal UVC does not kill dust mites – even after 60 seconds.

There seems to be a huge misunderstanding with technical terminology – Whilst Germicidal UVC is capable of killing micro-organisms, it has no effect on the dust mite ( as it is microscopic and NOT a micro-organism ). The Germicidal UVC is unable to penetrate the body ( outer shell ) of the Dust mite ( a tiny arachnid – type of spider ).