Are we shocked at what hides behind the Hotel door ?

When paying to stay in our temporary home for the night, we have a certain expectation from our hosts that they will provide the most comfortable and healthy surroundings possible.

Our expectation may be that when opening the door to our room, we are met with a pleasant breeze of fresh air which is lacking in cigarette smoke or a masking chemical smell.

As we enter the room, all of our senses are turned on and we scour the surroundings looking for tell tale signs that our room has been expertly cleaned. Our eyes dart about the room looking for stains and dust, we listen for that comforting sound of silence and hope that the neighbours will not be partying until the early hours of the morning and we run and bounce on top of the bed to see how comfortable it is ( or is that just me ? )

Whilst we have the amazing ability to capture all of this information in a small period of time, what we are not picking up on are things that we can’t see, and these are unfortunately the things that can be more harmful than a dusty ceiling fan ( c’mon, I know we all look ).

The following article is a very interesting insight in to ‘the hidden truth’. Head over to Business Insider to read more about the dark side of staying in a hotel room.